Clansman PTT and Telephone handset

February 15th, 2009 by m0rgb

Military PTT and telephone handset

I have always been impressed with the quality of UK military equipment and recently decided to try a Clansman PTT circa 1980 as a PTT for my K2.

The idea being it would be a great portable PTT for using my K2 out and about, probably water proof and very tough!

Did the usual Ebay thing and found one for £4.99, while I was there I also thought I would get a Clansman telephone style handset. If nothing else this would have useful parts in it.

So here goes....


Clansman headset PTT


Clansman telephone handset (with PTT in handle)

The first thing  noticed was that the PTT has a socket for the headset to plug into it, this uses the same connector as the telephone handset. So I decided rather than making a PTT and then wiring the handset seperately I could use the PTT as an adapter for any Clansman audio equipment....hmmm.....

First job was to take the plug off the end of the PTT to identify and solder the wires for plugs that would fit my K2. I decided to use mono connectors as per my Heil adapter rather than just a 8 pin mic plug as this would allow use with other radio's easily.

The plug will not come off without cutting! One there I found the wires extremely thin and each strand was braded too! A strong nylon cord runs down the centre to provide strength. Cool!


A little research on the web provided me with the following wiring description. Useful info!


Pin               Wire Colour Function
A                     Red microphone
B                      Green Switched side of microphone
C                      Not used in headset DC supply from radio
D                      Orange Left earphone
E                      White e/p and pressel common
F                      Black Pressel switch
G                     Blue Right earphone

So starting with the PTT function a quick solder later revealed that the Clanman gear does not switch the PTT to ground! Oops! What it actually does is switch the the mic return.

OK then a little re arranging and I have a PTT.

As I had decided to use this as an adapter also I checked and wired the mic and earphones. Wiring left and right together as my K2 is not stereo :-)

Great all I now needed to do was plug the telephone handset into the top and I have a telephone style handset for my K2........ Er no.

After lots of head scratching, testing etc I found out that the PTT is designed for Clansman headsets, not the telephone handset. This meant that I had to press the PTT on both to get audio. Not what I wanted.

Noticing the small pass through option at the bottom of the PTT....


This is a nifty idea! The slide goes left or right and is held with the screw.... the screw goes through the case and presses on some contacts depending on the setting (i.e. depth)


Anyway... the audio was being passed through but not the PTT option! A closer look revealed that the PTT is not wired onto the top socket! Of course this is only meant for the headset! Doh! A quick extra wire later (the blue one) and everything was working great.


You can also see the points here that the screw presses left of the picture.

So I now have a military PTT (stand alone) or I can use it as an adapter for the telephone style handset. As this has it's own PTT built into the handset. Great! Everything I wanted and for around £10. The PTT is very smooth using a quality micro switch behind a rubber cover. The handset also uses a micro switch behind a metal rocker in the handle.


I hope you find this useful. At these prices I shall be buying more Clansman gear as the build quality is totally first class! Like nothing I have ever seen! They probably cost the MOD hundreds of pounds for each item!

Might try on of their headsets next...... I have the adpater now! P.s the Clansman gear use dynamic mics.... just for your info.


Gary M0RGB

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2 Responses

  1. Joeseph Gardner Says:

    I’m not a massive expert on electronics and radios but was wondering if you have an idea about rewiring a clansman vehicle headset to work with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack without totally striping the wiring out and just using the shell cosmetically. and help would be appreciated.

  2. m0rgb Says:

    Hi Joeseph

    Yes, just cut off the Clansman connector and cut back the outer to see the wires.

    Use red and green for mic + and -(3.5mm plug)
    Connect blue and Orange together for earphones and use white as the negative. (phono plug)
    This will allow you to use them into common Heil connectors.
    Use you own Ptt or vox.

    Note that the Clansman Microphones are very top ended i.e. tinny! You’ll probably have to replace this. They are a dynamic element and don’t need any voltage applied to them.

    Hope this helps! Have fun!

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